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Hey, Kathy!

It's so nice to have someone supportive in the house, isn't it? Last night I was tentatively asked if this 'new me' was going to ban red meat from dinners from now on . . . but he did start it up by saying how he's loving the salads and vegetables and healthy soups, bless his heart. And no, red meat isn't banned, I just didn't buy any this week.

Oooh, mac & cheese! There's a healthy version? Even saying the name makes me feel half a kilo heavier! We didn't end up having our fish last night. We ran out of gas just as the oven finished pre-heating. So it's on Saturday's menu, now, currently happily sitting in the fridge and marinating.

At the moment, walking with Rogue (the 9 month old) in the stroller is out. I don't know if you heard of the flooding in Brisbane last month . . ? Well, we live about 2 hours north of Brisbane in an area notorious for ridiculous flooding, so we were flooded out and isolated a few days before the Brisbane disasters set in, though we're much better equipped to deal with it. Anyway, all that torrential rain has completely eroded our dirt-track driveway (it's about 800m long, which I think converts to roughly half a mile) and the real estate is studiously ignoring my requests for repair, which have only been going on for about two years! So the walking with the stroller from home is not really an option (my car's suspension hates me at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised to find it sitting angrily at the top of the driveway, having disconnected itself and refusing to make the trip even one more time). It's a bugger, really, because I did, just a couple of months ago (when the driveway was still reasonably safe to traverse) get a baby seat for my bike. We're too far out of town to actually GO anywhere, unless I want to be riding for four or five hours (something I don't think Rogue would be too thrilled with) but around here, there is some beautiful scenery. That's okay, I have an extensive DVD collection, so this week I've done aerobics, tae bo, ballet and a seriously hard-core abdominal workout, always followed by a session of pilates. As well, I find I'm up, getting Rogue out of all the things he shouldn't be in, now he's discovered his own brand of crawling.

I was eating about 600 calories a day this week (not starving myself, simply eating only fruit and veg with a slice of toast to accompany my poached egg in the morning), so I've since looked it up and am slowly increasing, so as not to offset any achievements I may have so far made. Well, I may top my 1200 today, anyway, as Friday is my naughty day. Wine tonight!!

I'm doing the clothes thing for motivation, also. In fact, I emptied my wardrobe of all the old skinny clothes this week (except two dresses for comparison purposes!), so when I get to a certain weight, and know I've been making the right food choices, I can allow myself to get something new. Plus, all my old clothes are going to the RSPCA op shop here in Gympie, who didn't prepare and got wiped out by the flood here (their profits go toward paying the mortgage for the actual animal shelter), so it's benefits all around!

How about you, Jessica? What are your motivational rewards?

What do you guys do for a living? I write. Can you tell?

Have you tried pilates before, Kathy? I love it because you're mostly laying down, and you don't work up a sweat, but you end it feeling nice and long and lean. There are some great beginner DVDs out there, too, if you've never done it before.

Hope you get your walk in today!

Have a healthy one, guys!
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