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Originally Posted by alleysgurl View Post
I'll get to start using the Wii this weekend. I'm excited! I'll definitely keep everybody updated. I'm in Arizona and it was 48 degrees F today. FREEZING!! lol
So, in following the Weight Watcher plan, I went over my allowed points by 5. . *sigh* Tomorrow's a new day.
You should check out a book called "Be a Loser", by Greer Childers. It's about using your breathing to burn fat while doing a series of stretching. Kind of like yoga. I love it! When I actually do it on a consistent basis, I can see results w/in 2 weeks. And it gives you TONS of energy!

behaze, thanks for letting me know about the Wii results. I had this brilliant picture in mind of me dropping the pounds like crazy once I started. I'm the type that will do it so much for a couple of weeks that I'll get burned out. We'll husband is going to do it with me. Kind of like a competition.

It's great to get to know you all!
Your youngest a really cute stage. Can you take him out in the stroller and do walking? I was planning to do my walk today..but a meeting came up with my Mom. So once again it is on hold.
The book sounds really interesting I will see if I can find it and read it. I am on 1200 cal and I track/journal them.
I am married and have 3 grown kids..I had twins..a boy and girl and one other three kids. I have a golden retriever called Sandy...and a hubby of best fr iend. He is watching what he is eating as he is trying to lose weight also.
My rewards for losing weight can be buy something nice to wear. Getting into my skinny clothes I couldn't fit in before.
I had a frozen dinner tonight..low calories..was good. Mac N Cheese. I try to drink lots of water also...8 cups at least a day.
I hope you are safe...I have heard about the weather you are having over there. I hope you don't too much rain.
Have a nice day/night...write soon
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