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Default yo-yo no more....

I have been on Fitday for almost a month. Starting weight 179, weight today 173. Pleased with my progress so far. I am a mother of a active two year old girl and have never lost the weight I gained while I was preggers. Well, and to be honest even before that i could have stood to loss a few pounds! I have struggled since teenhood with my weight. I have been as high as 200 and as low as 140 over the past 15 years. I also admit to using "unhealthy" tactics to lose weight in the past and I know that is why it always comes back. I am ready to make healthy choices from here on out and never have to deal with this struggle again. My focus right now is on my food choices and calorie reduction, secondary getting moving but no formal excercise goal as of yet. Once I feel my eating is in check I will then increase focus on exercise. My goal is 150 by 5/19/ 32 birthday. after that anything more will be a bonus.
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