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I'll get to start using the Wii this weekend. I'm excited! I'll definitely keep everybody updated. I'm in Arizona and it was 48 degrees F today. FREEZING!! lol
So, in following the Weight Watcher plan, I went over my allowed points by 5. . *sigh* Tomorrow's a new day.
You should check out a book called "Be a Loser", by Greer Childers. It's about using your breathing to burn fat while doing a series of stretching. Kind of like yoga. I love it! When I actually do it on a consistent basis, I can see results w/in 2 weeks. And it gives you TONS of energy!

behaze, thanks for letting me know about the Wii results. I had this brilliant picture in mind of me dropping the pounds like crazy once I started. I'm the type that will do it so much for a couple of weeks that I'll get burned out. We'll husband is going to do it with me. Kind of like a competition.

It's great to get to know you all!
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