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Default Vegan Wednesday Too

Well I actually had a Vegan Wednesday to follow my Vegan Tuesday. The dinner soup and breakfast are easy, it's just the lunch. Frankly, I didn't like any of the meats on the salad bar today (it was Wegmans though yum!) so I just skipped that and the cheese as well.

I think these are 99% Vegan days now that I'm looking at it, and I'm okay with that. For instance, I don't know for sure if there was milk in the roll I ate with lunch. I don't think there is, but I don't intend to go crazily searching for the ingredients and what not. I can see doing something like this more and more days of the week, but doubt I'd be able to go totally vegan. I know I'll be breaking it by Saturday, when I sit my butt down at Sullivan's Steak House for some nice carnivorous fare!
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