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i'm not sure what it is. yes part of it is stress, BUT i was watching a show on weight loss dealing with a family & they went to a dr. & he said that carbs & simple sugars you know the junk actually changes the chemistry in our brain. i'm just paraphrasing so you are stressed out & eat those chips, or cookies or whatever & our brain chemistry changes so that we feel better. sooo his answer was to cut out the anyways not saying this as an excuse to eat junk, but just something to be aware of that stuff can actually act like a drug for some ppl. it sure can with me & heck that stuff isn't easy to give up. think about it an alcholoic can never drink again. they don't need alcholo to live right? but we have to eat, we can't just say fine i'll never eat

you'll do great. just know you are not alone. the good news is you are back & on track. focus on the positives.
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