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Originally Posted by DeathArrow View Post
Look at you! how great! Esepcially at 38. You seriously did a fantastic job. I even see a 6-pack showing through Did you also do weightlifting? I don't know what the p90x thing is, so if it included weightlifting, I would not know. But anyway, keep up the good work. I honestly don't think it is necessary for you to lose any more weight (if that is what your going for).
I'm not trying to lose more weight, just lose a little more fat. I'd like to have a well defined 6 pack, which may be a challenge. I was to do this while adding more muscle. I'm going to the "personal trainer" look, I think if I get any thinner i'll have the runners look.
P90X includes weights lifting(or bands), cardio, stretching and Yoga.
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