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Fantastic!I bought some bulgur (500g only .89e which makes it cheaper than pasta! and there's loads of fibre in it) and made it into a salad with tofu cheese

I find it a bit hard to be vegan it's no problem to be vegetarian, i don't miss meat, but I do miss milk in my coffee and cottage cheese. However, I am making small changes towards healthy eating - like using rice cream instead ordinary cream, vegetable spread instead of butter, and i even baked some cookies for the first time Oatmeal Cookies Recipe With Picture - *Tested Recipe* but I made them lower in sugar and substituted the butter with healthier fat.

I saw your journal. You have there 54g of fibre, wow. A lot of chewing. Diet high in fibre is great, as people are never hungry. I would die if I had to do Atkins
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