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Hi Cjohnson,

You make a great point. I will try that. Stress is a huge factor; like many people, I definitely eat when stressed. Although I was already sliding, my efforts ended during a time of stress. And I didn't get back on track. I just lost the motivation, drive and focus.

I guess I know I will ALWAYS have stress and, sometimes, a lot of it. It can't be helped. But I still want to stay on a course of action and not put most of the weight back on afterward. I want to take better care of myself during those times, not worse. Being clearly aware of when and under what circumstances I gave up are really important to my success, aren't they?

I also like and agree with you about fear of success! As crazy as it sounds, I have had those thoughts. Who will I become? Will I look sick? How will it affect me and those around me? What's wrong with who I am now? There is a fear does seem crazy, but I can identify with what you said.

Thanks again,, really appreciated ...

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