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Thank you Primal Lioness for you post and book suggestions!


I'm 40+ years old.

AFter not losing an ounce eating small portions, low fat and exercising regularly...when I switched to a paleo like diet, I started losing in about a week or so.

My doc put me on a diet similar to the primal blueprint. It is a variation, I suppose. Hard to say, but perhaps I eliminating dairy, sugar and grains about 80-90%. I also ate A LOT more vegetables.

I started losing consistently (knock on wood) about 1-1.5 pounds per week...and my body is looking MUCH better and I feel better.

The weird thing is I was barely exercising doing this. I only very recently started to exercise again, but not as much as I was previously.

I have thyroid issues and a lot of stress in my life. These things are known to cause weight gain and difficulties getting the weight off. (I'm working on these things). Then, there is the additional 'burden' of being over 40.

This new way of sugar + almost no dairy or grains...seems to be pushing right through all of my obstacles.

I allowed myself sugar on Christmas day and felt sluggish for two days and had cravings too. But after the two days were over, I felt fine.

Hang in there!!!! It's worth it!

BTW, very recently I have decided to eliminate grains be even stricter than I was previously. Perhaps the weight loss will go even faster for me....not sure. It's been consistent (the weight loss) and a positive experience overall.

My guess is that you should start losing soon. Be sure to drink plenty of water between meals. Distilled water might be best.

If you continue to not lose, you might want to elminate fruit for now or only have berries in small quantities. Eat LOTS of doctor thinks they help with weight loss.

Sending good thoughts!

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