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Default FF Milk vs 1% or 2% milk fat - thoughts?

I have heard a lot of debate about switching to Fat-Free milk from those giving me some dieting advice. I've drank 2% (or sometimes 1% milk) for years -- not just for the taste, but because of what I felt are the advantages of milk that contains milk-fats...

Mostly, I know that Vitamins A and D are fat-soluble (not to mention E and K), and therefore whatever is in the fat-free milk (whether "fortified" or not) can't be absorbed without the milk fat (though, to be fair, I do wonder if I could absorb them if something else I ate in the meal contained fat. I'm not a nutritionist Maybe you just need to eat enough fat elsewhere and it doesn't matter if it's not right in the milk?). Liquid foods necessarily make absorption easier, of course.

The nutritional labels on most FF milk reads that they contain just about the same amount of nutrients as 1% or 2% milk (i.e., both may read that they contain 10% Vitamin A, for example...) Of course the nutrients may be PRESENT in the milk, but are they being absorbed? The AHA recommendations say that 1% milk is a good compromise as lower-fat milks tend to be slightly more "nutrient dense" (since they're taking the place of some sat. fats, I would imagine) but there's little absorption data. I have access to scientific journals, but I don't really feel like slogging through the source data papers unless I have to (I get that enough with work!!)

I suppose the debate rages on. Every time I read one opinion, I read a conflicting one that says the exact opposite. How much of a difference do you think it makes? Is the "absorption" data bunk entirely? Just wondering if anyone has any hard facts on it, since so many of the websites I read do not really cite their sources very well.


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