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Originally Posted by tammy1234567 View Post
Hi, I am on 112 mcg synthroid and 10 cytomel, so yep I am on meds. I havent really tried a major weight loss plan, just watching my carb intake.

HEY! I am glad to be here, great site, thank you
I am also hypothyroid. My "story" is posted somewhere around here!

Don't let your thyroid become your excuse for not losing weight. If your levels are normal with the meds, you can lose weight just like anyone else. By eating healthy and exercising, I did. YOU have to want it bad enough to actually do it. It is hard but so worth it!

I highly suggest logging your food (be honest and log EVERYTHING!). It really helps to figure out what changes you need to make to lose the weight and get healthy. I find that lower carbs work best for me but everyone is different.

Good Luck!
"Just Do It"
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