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Originally Posted by dnadjkovic View Post
Are any of you runners? I went vegan at the urging of a friend who was diagnosed with polymyocitis (body attacking large muscle groups, so constant pain). However, I have MAJOR allergies to almost the entire nut family. So my protein was limited to beans, soy and bioidentical manufactured protein.

Weight totally FELL off me - BUT... I am a 3-4x a week runner, and I started having MAJOR right knee pain and swelling. I could not walk up and down steps, and was living on Aleve, which is like walking around with a time bomb strapped to your back. I was back and forth to my orthopedist 2 or 3 times a month, xrays, physical therapy, running evaluations, you name it - and he could not figure out what was wrong with my knee. One day LUCKILY I got to see a different doctor who is also an avid runner, and we just sat and talked about LIFESTYLE. I mentioned that I was vegan and it was like a lightbulb came on over his head - I was continually tearing down, and didn't have enough protein to recover and repair adequately. VERY reluctantly, he talked me into going back to meat, just for a week, to see what happened. Within 7 days - I kid you not - my knee was fine. So, long story short, I'd LOVE to go back to it, but without nuts - is there anything I can load up on to MATCH lean meat protein?

My doctor (I kept the second doctor, who is now a running mentor and friend as well) is absolutely NOT in favor of ANY type of "restrictive" diet or meal plan, so I have ZERO medical support. Any thing you guys could suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You might try looking into hemp protein powder,I have been using it for about a week or so it really gives me a boost after my workouts.I went to hemp because there is no pesticides ,artifical flavors,or anything bad in it.The one I went with was made by nutiva.
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Great informative sites on MSG.

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