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Originally Posted by rainbow24 View Post
I have decided to stand on the scale every morning so I can monitor changes. I ate 1 oz of ostrich pepperoni yesterday and the scale went up today. I had some of that same high salt pepperoni and expect either a hold tomorrow or even another increase. I need to stay aware of what causes the changes.

On the brighter side, as I dressed for church this morning, I discovered that I had not washed my clothes. Ya, I forget little things like that.
So I went through my too small suitcase and found a jean skirt that I had stopped wearing two summers ago because it was too tight. It fit. In the same suitcase was a shirt that fit, but was a little snug on my lower arms. 3/4 sleeve. It also fit.

Then to top things off, one of the ladies at church came up and quietly said I was looking good.

This leads to one of my past weight issues. I have really good willpower and weight loss is not really difficult for me as far as practicality, it is the emotional side that is an issue. When I get to a point where a man notices the changes, that is when I will struggle. I intend to come here and ask for someone to talk me through it when that happens.
Sometimes, even knowing what your issues are, don't prevent them from happening.
Woo hoo--I love "closet shopping"!

I know what you mean about having others notice and comment to you. I get that a lot these days (most want to know my "secret" ). What I've learned to do is simply say "thank you". Most everyone has good intentions, I think and those that don't, don't matter. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine.

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