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We'll I can certainly see your points to the food.I guess I shouldnt have called it a meal replacement bar because your right it is not.I was only sharing what I know about foods that look healthy but are not.When I was refering to MSG not all people are alleregic to it as I am or my father that had to have a heart bypass 7 months ago because of the things that I made bold in that food we are talking about.Some people it doesnt affect them at all some have different reactions to it.I will always try to point out the bad ingredients in food because it can lead to many bad things,now im 36 and I cannot have any sort of msg or I'll start having heart palpatations and I could end up having the same reaction my dad had.If you are not familiar with msg here is a couple links.

MSG Sources

Topics - Battling the MSG Myth
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Great informative sites on MSG.

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