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I agree with Wydok, for me its all about balancing calories. I'm a foodie, so I tend to try and fit as much into my "budget" as I can by eating lots of low calorie fruits and veggies. An added bonus is that the fruit seems to be keeping my sweet tooth at bay for now. I'm still relatively new to FitDay, altough as I've had weight problems since about middle school (I'm 29 now), my parents have been shoveling healthy eating books and articles at me half my life at this point. My main philosophy is balance and not so much eliminating one particular food group or another. I would say as far as missing things, leafy greens, especially the dark ones, like spinach, seem particularly lacking. They're a great, low calorie source for all kinds of vitamins and minerals. I have a fairly decent sized spinach salad with carrots, celery, cucumber and green peppers along with my lunch for only 66 calories. I don't use salad dressing, though. I'm a freak and like the taste of the veggies alone. So I would suggest, if you have a weight goal in mind, use the weight goal tool, and use the tabs at the bottom to find out what your max calories per day should be and plan out your day from there. Use small term goals, as your caloric needs will change as you lose weight. Oh yeah, I'm also trying to keep things as low fat as possible, but honestly, just by munching on fruit and veggies, that kind of has happened naturally. Anyway, sorry to ramble, and the best of luck to you!
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