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In response to your questions, that was a typo. One day is squats, the next is deadlift. I've decided to work on my own routine of a full body workout that I found online. I modified it a bit for a 6 day routine. I do one day of lifts with light cardio, the next day I'll do core/abs with heavy cardio.

As to cardio for 2 hours, that is really only true when I get bored. I'll turn down the resistance or go do a fat loss program, but even then it's not 2 solid hours. I can do 1,000 calories in about 1 hour and 10 minutes on a hard day. On my light days I've been shooting for about 650 calories, which is 1 hour on a particular machine at a decent pace.

My coworker, who lifts a lot, reviewed my plan. He said to do 25% of your cardio pre workout to make sure your blood is flowing and your muscles are fully warmed up. Then you do the routine. After you're done with the routine you go to the regular cardio. I've been following this the past week and noticed a real increase in strength and focus.

Is there a way to post up workout plans? I'd love to share this with you guys and get some input on your thoughts.
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