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I've learned from a few sources online that making one day a week your "bad day" can actually boost your loss. The other nice thing is that you can do so without feeling guilty, largely one of the most inhibiting factors to the overall goal.

I don't go completely nuts, but I do not worry about what I have as much and then when Sunday hits, I'm right back on the course I set for myself. I'm not able to use a scale yet because the one at the Y I go to maxes out around 360, but I'll check on it at least once every two weeks to see if I'm getting any closer to being able to use it. My Doctor's office has one that I can use, so my next appointment should be interesting. I've gone from very little exercise to doing it 3 times a week, a minimum of 45 minutes. I'm very interested to see if my eating plan that I used 2 years ago can be coupled with 3x workouts, and what kind of change it brings. I think I said it already that coats are fitting better now than they used to, and I did start noticing a change in my jeans, especially the legs, after Friday's workout. I vow to never lose my resolve, and for me, this will never end. I will not stop going even once my goal weight has been attained. I want to keep it off, I want to feel like a million bucks every day.
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