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hi canary, didn't mean to forget you! As I wrote above, I also have slight head injury and PTSD from a domestic violence relationship in the late 80's early 90's. I think that I did what I had to do all those years. Around 1999-2000 we figured out that I had chemical sensitivity issues and a lot of them are to medicaitions. The trace amounts of antibiotics in meat and dairy were enough to make my joints achy and swollen and my skin rashy. Of course the nutritionist at the time was breathlessly going on about free range chicken and organic eggs. Because I was also severly hypoglycemic I had to eat 6 times a day, min 14 grams of carbs with 7 grams of protien each meal if not more. She finally stopped talking and asked why I was laughing. I responded "Ma'am, I'm getting divorced by one man, being sued for custody by another, not sure where I am living next month and get my eggs from the food pantry. I get 6 eggs a month, I have two kids, and I have no idea where they come from!"

To her credit, she recovered quickly, patted my hands, and started me down the long love affair with canned beans.

MS getting added in 2006, then osteo in 2007, then dysphasia and a bunch of other stuff forced me to retire, and yes, ex #1 got custody of the two biological kids. My adopted daughter and I stayed together another year, then I had to put her in foster care to get services for her. We all were always in toucvh, and we have all survived, and I see them all as often as any mom of college students. Thanks to my boyfriend I have two unofficial "steps" and three "grands". Thanks to God I have a ministry that is growing, so most of the time I can avoid dwelling on the fact I am dying at a slightly faster rate then usual. Planning to stick around as long as I can, and fight as much as I can. The hard part is knowing when to ball gag my type A activist evangelistic body and get my butt in bed and rest!

I take a regular coktail of medicaitons spread over 6 dosing times. I start at 6:15 am, go back to bed, then 7:15am with as much food as I can get down, then every 4 hours after that. There are pills, liquids, and every other night an interferon injection. That's not including PRN's of course. Hint: If you have trouble remembering to take meds, most life alert systems have a feature they can call you and remind you not only that you have to take them, but what type (pills, shots) etc you need to take. It's been a lifesaver for me as I seldom have any sense of time or time of day....

There's several meds in the "zine" family that help nausea (meclazine, compazine etc) which I am allergic to. I use peppermint candies, saltine crackers, dry ramen noodles, the smell of a peppermint candle, and when I can get it cola syrup. Cola soda (flat) or ginger ale (flat) work sometimes, and of course if I lived one state over in Maine I would have the choice of marajuanna. I know there are also some that are used specific to chemo nausea, but whatever they were they couldn't be taken with my cocktail of stuff.

How long have you had fibro/osteo together? I didn't get the osteo until 2007 so I am still getting used to the joint pain from that. Water PT helped some, as does hot showers, but then I have to be careful not to overheat as it makes my MS worse.

will definately keep in touch with you too! Thank you for writing to me!
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