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Thanks so much for posting...I am amazed at what you went through, but not surprised as we still see it here in NH. I was able to get on medicare and medicaid and a state program called Choices For Independence, so I have a case manager, an hour long med review visit with an RN, and 17 hrs of home care a week. It is only because of that and the team that I am able to do the things I do, and I never take them for granted.

(For future knowledge NH medicaid people: falling in the shower and getting knocked unconcious helps get you qualified, but I don't really recommend it!)

Congrats on beating cancer - I just lost a good friend to it, and I saw some of the really nasty things people said to her when the steroids and chemo meds started to make her bloat.

I fought the fibromyalgia (and PTSD and head injury from domestic violence) from about 1985 until 1994 basicly without any medical care. Once I got away from my ex, I was able to manage it more or less, but there were times, especially when I was a single parent, that it was so hard to even get the strength to get up onto the bed. My mantra helped - it was before I became a lay religious, but had deep personal meaning to me, and I would repeat it every morning until I got myself in that car and on my 2 hr commute. It was "Gotta pay the landlord!"

It worked!

thank you again for writing back! I will keep in touch!
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