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Originally Posted by Kelwynn View Post
This really works for me and I think it will become a lifetime plan. I follow the Fast 5 method: 19 hours fasting, then a 5 hour feeding window. I sort of fell into it in mid December, after reading a post on Mark's Daily Apple about IF and all of the different ways of doing it. I'm 47, a mom of two and I really didn't think I could do the Eat Stop Eat style of alternate day fasting given my lifestyle. The 5 hour window seemed more realistic, given that I cook dinner for my family daily and I schedule my window so that I can cook, eat with the family and enjoy a dessert or wine, too.

That's basically what I've been doing since December 13 or so. I don't know how much I've lost (I stay off the scale--it makes me crazy), but the drop inches has been substantial. My waist measurement has gone from 31" to 28", my hips from 41" to 38". My bicep measurement is down 1.5" and you can really see the definition. What's weird is, other than walking, I've not been exercising particularly strenuously. My guess is I've lost about 10-15 pounds, very easily and without feeling deprived.

I was able to maintain this over Christmas, while vacationing at Disney World-- and I think I still lost weight.

I don't count calories anymore, and during my window I eat "normally" but not to excess. If I want chocolate, I have it. If I want a glass of wine, I have it. If I want a handful of potato chips I have them. I pretty much eat whatever I want between 3 pm and 8 pm. It's helped me to get over some "food fears" and concentrate more on just making sure I get some protein, some fruits and veggies everyday. Healthy, but not super limited or super "clean." The interesting thing is I get full very quickly. It's almost like the daily fast has shrunk my stomach. I don't want to overeat when I eat and I find I enjoy my food so much more. It also makes it easier to manage cravings. I just tell myself "I'll eat that in my window" and I do. I am hungry by the time I eat and my stomach gets growly... but I've certainly felt that way before on diets where I ate 5 or 6 times a day, too. The difference is on IF, when I eat, I don't have to eat low fat/low carb. I really do eat what I want!

I'm still losing, though more slowly now, I think. I only have may be 10 pounds to lose, so that makes sense. Yesterday, I did calculate my calories just out of curiosity and they were around 1400. Considering that I'm only 5'1" and not a super-avid exerciser, I'm thinking that's probably about right to maintain a goal weight of 125 or so.

Just had to weigh in here (pun intended) and share my experience.
I'm very glad you've found something that works well for you--thanks for sharing!

It just reinforces the fact that we're all different. If I had an "unlimited" 5 hour feeding window I'd likely still weight over 400 pounds as I'm pretty sure I could have shoveled in many thousands of calories in that period.

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