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Hi Sherry,

I just started FitDay in January; but have tried various other weight loss programs over the years - with some success (short term success as I have never kept the weight off). I have felt desperate, impatient and so frustrated. But no more. I have to keep my head if I am going to do this!!

This time, with FitDay, is different for me because I am educating myself on nutrition and changing the way I view food. Eating naturally, non-processed food most of the time. It is a complete lifestyle change for me and the changes I am incorporating are going to be changes I keep for life. I am trying to not deprive myself or attach the big guilt trip onto certain foods when I do eat them. All foods are OK, in moderation. Using non-food things to fill that "void" that I seem to reach for food to fill.

I think you will find these forums helpful; I sure have! As Cassie said, they provide motivation and accountablility, and also support.

All the best, keep posting!
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