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Red face Heather here...hello!

Hi there. Heather here; 35 y.o. married mother of 3 children, ages 10 (boy), 8 (girl), and 7 (boy). My sons both have special needs (my eldest has severe behavioral issues and my youngest has Autism and global developmental delays.

I decided to join FitDay and jump back into a complete life change when I noticed that scale creeping back up after several years of maintaining a 166 lbs. weight loss.

Always allowing myself a +/-5 lb. margin, I promised myself that if that scale ever read a number higher than my "danger zone" for more than a few days, I would take action immediately. It has been a few weeks, and the doctor sees no reason for the weight gain.

Chocolate and fast food. That is the reason. I didn't want to admit that to anyone, including myself, but I knew that until I did I would never get anywhere.

I am researching some gyms and hope to join one soon. My husband is supportive of my choice to change my eating habits, but it is another subject trying to talk him into "letting me" sign a contract at a gym. He just doesn't believe that I'll follow through long enough to justify the 12-month contract it requires. I can see his point, but at the same time I am ready to jump in with both feet and get MOVING!

It's great to find this site, and especially to know that there's a forum where I can post and talk to others in my situation. I sincerely hope to "meet" some of you and even develop some friendships.


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