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FullBar is based on weight loss surgery principles - so it's not intended to be a replacement bar - it's not like you eat that and nothing else. It's to fill your stomach so you don't overeat when you DO sit down to eat. And you're not ruining the fun for me - I enjoy a discussion. But a weight loss surgery principle is very different from Jenny Craig, or NutriSystem, etc, because those programs don't teach you how to eat "off program". With FullBars you are never "on program" - there is no "diet" or meal plan to follow. They don't even tell you to exercise. This plan is POINTED SQUARELY at people who need to reduce calories.

And even if it's not made of entirely "healthy" nutrients (and they are all natural, so all things considered, and in moderation, how unhealthy could it be?), the end is going to justify the means. Someone eats a FullBar, drinks 8oz of water and sits down to eat (a real meal) 30mins later. If that person's stomach is already 1/2 to 3/4 full when they sit down to eat, and that causes them to consume 2 slices of pizza instead of 6 slices of pizza, a huge soda, breadsticks and something for dessert - the OVERALL benefit is obvious (less calories consumption = eventual weight loss, even without exercise). On a lot of programs targeted at weight loss surgery candidates (MediFast, OptiFast, etc) the FIRST goal is weight loss through lowered calorie comsumption, to prepare them for surgery. I'm not a candidate for WLS, but I have looked into the various programs. This is a lot less expensive, a lot easier to manage, and more likely to succeed because you're not STARVING. Medifast tells you flat out, it's going to take 5-7 days to adjust to being hungry - some people don't have the willpower to withstand that. You don't have that issue on FullBars. So you're less likely to fail, thereby staying motivated to stick with a lower calorie program.

Yes ultimately I agree it would be great to put everyone on a totally nutritionally sound, organic, whole foods, low calorie, low fat, food-based meal plan; but realistically, that's not going to work for everybody, particularly for people who are just starting out. If your #1 priority is lowering your caloric comsumption, FullBars helps tremendously. When you move to a place where you are (through whatever means) consuming less FOOD at each meal (like after weight loss surgery), THEN food based nutrition becomes your priority, simply because you are eating LESS food, so what you eat needs to be nutritionally sound.

So long story short, I think this will help a lot of people who aren't candidates for weight loss surgery, but still need to lose weight, and have trouble sticking to traditional plans. The only thing that's going to work for each person is what works for THEM.

I suppose it's just a bonus for me that the chocolate ones are totally DELISH and taste chocolate super golden crisp cereal... Please keep sharing your thoughts! I have no one to talk nutrition/weight loss with!
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