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Mecompco has talked with me about his diet a bit and I have been using the %40carb/%30protein/%30fat method myself. I, too, was a raging carb fiend, favoring sugary pastries and pastas for years. Very high carbohydrate levels do trick your body into thinking it's hungry after only a little bit, even after you've eaten a whole day's worth of calories in a sitting (and I have).

Carbs are not bad. Anything is bad in excess.

I find the higher protein levels keep me satiated much longer to the extent that I actually struggle to eat my entire 1300 calorie minimum. Your body has to work harder to process protein, keeping you satiated longer. Transfering carb calories to protein calories also limits that ever present threat of excessive insulin that we over eaters tend to bring on ourselves.

Give that ratio a try and give it some time. I think the change happened abnormalyl quick for me. In only about a week my eating patterns have shifted drastically in favor of weight loss/nearly all day satisfaction.
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