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If I can add my 2 cents here...

I see it mentioned this idea of equating being "good" with the quality and, sometimes, quantity of food consumed on a given day. My opinion is that you are no less "good" because of, say, a dozen doughnuts than if you ate 1 cup of broccoli instead. My point here is that your value and worth as a person is NOT dependent on or determined by food.

What has proven to be so effective for me, and one of the reasons why I am still maintaining the healthy lifestyle I started almost a year ago, is that I no longer consider food "good" or "bad" and, by the same token, I no longer consider myself either "good" or "bad" based on what I eat. I can and do eat anything I want - there are simply some foods that require stricter portion control than others. It doesn't make those foods "bad" or me "bad" for eating them.

I also have one "cheat meal" a week, which, over the course of the last 8 months, has developed into just having one day a week where my calories are at 2000 instead of (roughly) 1500. But it did take quite awhile for me to prefer steamed vegetables to fries, just like it took a long time for me to find exercise I liked enough to do for an hour a day.

Just my opinion... I wanted to share a food philosophy that's enabled me to lose about 50# with some more to go. Good luck and be kind to yourselves.
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