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Another thing, are you hungry all day? I am hungry all day when I keep my calories low. What about you? Any tips for managing hunger? And please don't tell me to eat a lot of protein for breakfast. No matter how I spread out 1500-2000 calories, I'm still hungry.
One thing I've found is that an early morning workout tends to calm down my hunger a bit. I've never really been a big breakfast person though. Since I started I've been alternating between running 30-60 min on the eliptical (depending on the day) and doing the p90x cardiox dvd first thing in the morning. I follow that up with a slimfast shake about 40 min. later after getting cleaned up and such and for some reason this ritual really seems to level out my hunger for the rest of the day. I eat about every two hours after that first shake, but small snack/meals never bigger than 300 calories and stop eating early. Been at 1200-1500 calories a day, with daily workouts and hunger has not been too bad. Hope it helps!

Also, water! I have a 500 ml bottle that I keep with me all day, no idea how many I get down, I just know its a lot. Helps with the hunger and it speeds your metabolism!
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