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Smile HCG is the best way to lose weight!

I'm on my last round (3rd) of injectable HCG. I began this round at 151 and I'm going for the full detox - get rid of all abnormal fat and all of its stored toxins - or the end of 49 days, whichever comes first. At 5'6", it'll probably be in the 120's. I don't have hunger but I'm missing the variety of taste, which is why I did 2 shorter rounds with time in between. Round 1, I did 23 days, then 5 weeks off, then Round 2, I did 24 days and 5 weeks off. Looking back, I think I should have done the longer rounds because it took longer, I had to try and stabilize twice (didn't before R3 and gained 5 lbs), and you risk gaining in between. It is SOOOO important to stabilize. If you don't stay at your last injection weight (LIW) consistently, you will gain. I would not recommend homeopathic drops. It goes against the principles of homeopathy and it is snake oil. It may suppress your appetite but it's not working on your hypothalamus to adjust your weight setpoint. As for the average loss per day, it is dependent upon individual factors: how much fat you currently have on your body; how much energy your body needs per day; how close you are to your normal weight. Research 'leptin' which is the key to hcg and the appetite being suppressed. If you go on Facebook, search "HCG Weight Loss", click on the icon with the green apple and look at all entries posted by Robin. She is excellent in her knowledge and research and talks about why people lose at different rates. As you near your normal body weight, you may experience more hunger due to leptin levels and the mitochondria becoming more efficient. But everyone is different. If you don't change your eating habits though and eat in the same way that caused you to mess up your hypothalamus, then you will gain the weight back. HCG allows you to lose the weight very quickly and gives you a CHANCE to change your approach to food. After experiencing HCG and having friends successfully lose massive amounts of weight over such a short period, I can't understand why anyone would do anything else. Find Robin's site on youtube too, search the mind body method or go here YouTube - toneathleticclub's Channel . Persevere, follow the protocol to a T and it will do exactly as Pounds and Inches outlines. All deviations from the protocol will give you varying results, but if you follow the 'recipe' you'll lose it all. May everyone have great success.
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