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Set goals. You have a long term goal, but set weekly and daily goals.

Sit down on Sunday or Monday morning and determine how much you are going to eat and what and when you are going to exercise for the upcoming week. For example, make a goal to eat 1500 calories and exercise 1 hour per day.

Record on a calendar or a spreadsheet what you did. I would circle the items I did in red and cross out the things I didn't do on a calendar and then it became very visual.

On the following Sunday or Monday, evaluate how you did for the week. Did you make your eating goal? Your exercise goal? If not, figure out why and where the problems were and try to figure out how to get better. For example, if you planned to workout first thing in the morning and only got up once to exercise then you might consider trying to get to bed earlier, investing in stronger coffee, or moving your workout time later in the day. But always keep it positive and moving forward. Don't berate yourself. Just keep trying. If you made your goals, then congratulate yourself and set your goals for the next week.
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