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Originally Posted by AAFlaca View Post
Thank you VERY much David. I'm trying to take it all in at the moment. My doctor recommended an eating plan (I've mentioned it on this site in places) that as far as I can tell, is similar to what is mentioned in the primal blueprint. I am reading the primal blueprint currently. It resonates with me. It seems to me that since more often than not I was compliant with low calorie + exercise (no one is perfect) and NOT getting appropriate results, that another factor or factors had to be involved. This (new way of eating) IS working. I am losing weight slowly, but SURELY and I feel good. I do not worry as much about eating low calorie, however, eliminating sweets and eating a lot more vegies has basically made that happen anyway. Can you recommend any other good books for me to read? I AM finding this lifestyle healthy, helpful and fascinating! Thank you!!!
These are a few of the books I have recently read that supports our way of eating.

I have also recently finished school and I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I am trying to move to start a business to Coach those that have chronic inflammation and diabetics. I feel these are the people I can help the most.

The Coconut Oil Miracle

Good Calorie Bad Calories

Eat Fat, Lose Fat: Lose Weight And Feel Great With The Delicious, Science-based Coconut Diet

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

Eat Like An Indian
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