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20 questions.......

1) I am 37, and don't lie about it (yet)
2) I have no children, because......
3) I had cancer at age 29 and had to have a full hysterectomy
4) I do have 3 babies though, a 13 y/o golden retriever, 2 y/o blue cream kitty
( who is the biggest diva I have ever seen), and a 4 m/o kitten, (who is pure demon)
5) I am apparently married to the 2nd best man in the world
6) I loath exercise, but do it anyway (most days)
7) I also am a carb junky, breads, name it
8) I am veryyyyy sarcastic
9) I love to read, my newest interest is true crimes
10) I love to go to bingo...and no I do not have a collection of troll dolls hehe
11) We own a business, which ain't doing all that great right now.
12) My real name is Bonnie
13) I love Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives & Big Brother
14) I'm fat ( oh wait, you probably already guessed that).... see # 8
15) I just bought my 1st Coach purse!!!! yay!! and it's a big one too!!
16) Been with hubby for 19 years, married 7
17) Hubby is super thin and drives me nuts with his diet "advise".....mind you he does NOT eat healthy or exercise.
18) I spend too much time on the computer
19) I don't care for many veggies, which makes this whole healthy thing difficult.
20) I am looking forward to being a size 6 very much!!!!!
Start: 1/5/11 Weight : 240
2/4/11: 222
Current 214
Loss: 26

Pre Goal: 160 by 10/11 (in a wedding)
Ultimate Goal: 120 by 1/1/12

You have to be in the race, to win the race...from Mean Girls 2
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