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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Hope. Take a deep breath. Meditate...even better.

Tell yourself you're in control now, and you can always stop before it gets worse. I had to do this myself last night and sure enough I didn't wake up all groggy and bloated and depressed. Well, I was groggy, but that was because of not enough sleep.

You can always choose right now to start being good again.

Oh, and I just ate a fiber bar. Needed chocolate myself and that was the best choice .
Darling, if only you got to me before I got to the chocolate. But I did not eat it all! I had some and locked the rest in my desk. In a locked drawer. With a key, which I unfortunatly have. I am still hungry. But not for chocolate. Probably for peace and sleep and spring.

Cadbury Eggs not my thing. Non dairy dark chocolate for me. Oh and sour straws. Love me my sour straws. At the movies. With the disgusting movie popcorn. Yum.
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