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OK 20 Questions. Here goes:
1) I am a writer. I think I was born this way. It is not only what I do it is how I look at the world.
2) I am the mother of one child, a teenager who is now very unhappy and is making life challenging, to say the least. Occasionally I see my dear girl pushing aside the hurt angry person we have been living with. I love my girl (even the angry girl); I hope she finds herself and comes back.
3) I lie about my age. I say I am five years older so people can tell me how good I look for my age. I am 50. Most people say I seem younger. If they are not just being nice,then I seem younger because I am immature for my age.
4) I adore reading.
5) I like to exercise. I cannot work out at the level I would like to because:
6) I have fibromyalgia. I had three knee surgeries, the last a total knee replacement.
7) I find winter too difficult anymore (see #6) I would like to live in a warm (not HOT but that may be OK) climate. Out west. I doubt this will happen.
8) I married my best friend when I was 22. He may not be the best in the world (you guys got that guy) but I think he is, much of the time.
9) I am a Jewbu. Jewish by birth (and somewhat belief) Buddhist by choice and because it makes life more bearable. My teacher is Ani Pema Chodron.
10) I do not like cats. I keep telling my 3 cats this but they insist on hanging around anyway. I think it is because I feed them. But what can I do? I have all this cat food in the house and no one else eats it.
More on next post. If you can stand it.

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