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I am 5'8 and weigh 250 pounds. I love food so much. It's an addiction. A real serious addiction. Just today I have started a juice fast, I'm not sure how long I will stay on it but I am not having any solid food for as long as possible. Nothing but juice! Have any of you done this before? If so can you please tell me about your experience? Thank you so much! If any of you have any information or opinions on this, please let me know.
Hello there!

There are a couple of books that are "MUST READS" for you. My opinion is to avoid the fasting process as your primary strategy for losing weight. it is not a permanent solution and what will you do when it is over? I hear your frustration and encourage you to avoid blaming yourself. All you need is a better understanding of what is going on and then you can address it with the right tool.
The first book is "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body" by Dr. Daniel Amen. It will help you understand what is going on that drives you to eat. Also - "The End of Overeating" by Dr David Kessler which describes how food manufacturers understand and use your brain addictions to your extreme disadvantage. I also have to say Fitday is a great tool, props to the host of this discussion.

I download books from and listen to them while I do my cardio. You may find you enjoy the same and it is a time saver for people who have less time to read.

There is sooooo much hope for you. You just need to better understand the battlefield, the right weapons and how to use them.

I hope this helps prayers are with you!
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