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weight today: 169.4
breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled (1 whole+ 1egg white)
1 ounce of bread
0.5 ounce of cheese
1/2 an apple
1/2an orange
1 cup of fat-free milk
Total: 341 cal

Workout(elliptical machine): 30 min, 12 K, 400 cal

Snack: avocado frappe (1/2 small avocado+ 1/2 cup skim milk+ 1 tsp honey)
Total: 230 cal

Lunch: chicken sandwich, composed of:
4 oz chicken breast, grilled
1/2 pita bread
tomato, fennel, lettuce
Total: 326 cal

Snack: sweetpotato (1/2 large one)
Total: 106 cal

I still haven't planned what should I eat for dinner
can you give me suggestions, what do you eat from 5p.m. on?? as I am so afraid od eating late,
I still have around 500 cal to eat,
I stopped eating fruit late in the evening, I read its better that evening meals be composed of (protein + fibrous carb)
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