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Hello Angel,
May I first say how glad I am to stumble on this forum!!!
I am a 24-year old new mommy, gave birth last august to an amazing little man, and gained 72.6 lbs yes!! believe it or not, I was hosptalized for a while when I was pregnant, and ofcourse since I am an "emotional eater" as you described it, and food was comforting me, I was eating and eating and eating ...before pregnancy I was at 128 lbs and I was soooo happy, now it's my biggest dream to get back there..After I gave birth, I droped to 182.6, and since I joined fitday (end of december) I lost another 14 pounds , so now I'm 169.4 lbs.
I sooooo want to lose all the weight (40 lbs.)by the end of may (that's when my husband's birthday is , see? we all have something to look forward to, to be special on)
soooo, I started on 2200 cal/day diet, since I am breastfeeding, with some walks everyday..BUT, since the beginning of february, the scale wouldn't move below 169!!! I dropped to 1600 cal/day, I do daily cardio on the elliptical machine (30 min, burning around 400 cal)..just started this routine this week..So I am really looking forward for some support, and girl talk..I know we can stick with each other, and reach our goals by may-june!!! all we have to do is a continuous feedback, write what we eat,when we eat, how much do we work out, what difficulties did we have today, and it's alright if we cheated,we just have to be honest about it!!
We used food for comfort, for stress, for feeling better about ourselves, rewarding ourselves or whatever, but no more..
Looking forward to hear from you...
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