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Originally Posted by bettmrr View Post
I have a weird eating habit particularly on work days, i do eat a breakfast usually oatmeal (now wit protein powder) 7am but don't get to eat again until after 4pm so its a long day without food. It can sometimes sabotage my efforts because I get so hungry I binge when I get in or start snacking as I'm making dinner. I'm trying to curtail this by having healthy soups at the ready to drink on my way home from work so that I'm ready to go straight into a workout when I get in. then I have a sensible appetite for dinner at 7/8pm

Its all about adapting to your own individual needs rather than trying to adapt to a one size fits all.

best of luck
As I'm cooking dinner I always pull out cherry tomatoes and olives(2 of my favorite foods) and I eat about 35 calories, sometimes I add in a string cheese >.<, but I'm always a little fuller for dinner and don't end up eating as much for dinner.
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