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About two years ago, I tried, on a whim, the Body Fortress stuff. Vanilla, with the 8 Grams of BCAA's - and I usually blend it in a blender with skim milk, and I generally only take 1 scoop in the morning.

My problem is that i'm like my mom, I wake up in the morning and I can go all the way until 11am before I'm really hungry enough. I know this is bad, so I take this mixture in the morning (and with Skim milk, it's actually quite tasty - but as I said in another thread, I like things other people find gross, so YMMV).

I find that if I take this once in the morning, say around 9am, I can go until 12:30-1pm before i need to eat anything. I can stretch it to 2pm if I get up around 10am.

I love the stuff - I don't get morning hunger pangs like I used to get without it, and they aren't as severe when it is time to eat, so I slow down, and I can get away with eating a more appropriately sized lunch for most folks than had I gone all morning without something and I binge on something to make up for the night & morning fasting.

If you take it with water, I can't speak for you - I think powdered anything in water is nasty as a general experience, but I love skim milk, so I mix whatever I want with that and it works out, and you get some nutrients with it too - as far as the ones that come in skim milk that is.

Oh and one other thing, I've found that if I need to mix things up a bit, Silk Very Vanilla (though it's a little high in sugar, so I try to watch it for the rest of the day) is also very good with this particular brand. If I alternate between the two, I keep things fairly balanced. My stomach doesn't have a problem with it in either case, though that may be because I only take 1 scoop each day.

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