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Default Calorie calculator

I just joined today and I think I went through all of the calculators and noticed that my caloric requirement is like 2900 calories. Is this accurate? I don't know. I can't see myself eating more than I already do.

Here is my deal: I work night shift in a clinical lab. I wake up 8pm-ish and have breakfast/dinner - my biggest meal of the day. I have coffee on my way to work (1 hr drive). An hour after arriving at work I have a Fiber One bar with water. I have my lunch break around 2:30 and have noodles or a sandwich with a fruit snack cup and at least one cup of water. I don't have anything else until 5 or later when I can take my next break. That is usually a yogurt with fruit and water or something like that. When I get home around 10 I usually have a veggie wrap or an egg omelet with cheese or sometimes ham, too, with tea.

Today is my first day using this so I added everything up that I've eaten and it came to about 1600 calories. In the most extreme work day situation, I might have up to 2000-2200 calories. This is still a deficit of caloric intake according to the calculator. I've been stuck at 177lbs for several years now.

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