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Hey sounds like the right idea for me too. I'm 5"2", and 170 lbs. (as of right now) 31 yrs. old; I want to lose 40 lbs. About a year ago I was at my heaviest of 199 lbs. and I freaked out; but I didn't change anything...or so I thought. Somehow I started losing the weight, and I got back down to 185. Then I went on a trip to New Zealand where I was stuck on a bus for the majority of the day. I didn't realize until I got home that I lost even more weight. I figured it was because I stopped over eating. I definitely ate better while I was there, but my problem consistently is that I over eat. I try to keep a conscious mind of when I am satisfied now, not full, satisfied and I find that helps quite a bit. I also joined weightwatchers briefly, I found it worked, but I didn't want to keep paying for it (hence joining FitDay). My problem now is that it's cold out and I keep snacking at night and I'm not walking (it's -35c some nights). I live in a small apartment so I have very limited space to work out. I need ideas, plus the support.
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