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I have been a "raw food lurker" for almost a year now. I did try the 100% raw food, and actually lost several pounds when I was on it. Unfortunately, I did not stick to it because of family pressures, but I did stay on it long enough to realize the benefits of it. I don't plan to return to 100% raw, but I am making an effort to incorporate alot of what I have learned into my lifestyle. I like especially the Green Smoothies, that Victoria Butenko encourages. I bought a small dehydrator, and have been making flax seed crackers, and also making a spinach/avocado dip for them. I want to stick to a 2000 calorie per day program for the rest of my life, a 60% raw food program works for that as long as I don't incorporate dairy. I may not lose a bunch of weight immediately, but in the long run it will benefit me. Thanks for letting me share!
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