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I wake up at 3am almost every morning and have to take my Synthroid (Levothyroxine) for my hypothyroidism. I'm always famished at that time but know I can't eat for an hour (its a requirement of this medicine). So I go to bed and wake up famished at 7am and start making breakfast.

I have a bad habit of eating more calories at breakfast and lunch than at dinner. I think that is why I'm so hungry. This is also bad because I take a medicine at dinner that must be taken with 500 calories or more. I never make it to 500 calories on my low carb diet. I guess my medicine is less effective. Note: I'd take it at breakfast or lunch, but it makes me tired, so dinner is the best choice. I go to bed by 9pm or 10pm at the latest and usually eat dinner at 7:30pm on the weekdays and 6:30pm on the weekends.
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