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I had some pain-in-the-neck issues last year, believe me when I say this "I've tried them all". I can't sleep with down because I'm allergic to feathers, but I had a feather pillow when I was a teenager (this is how I know about the allergy). And I had the same issues with it you are having with yours. In order to get a down pillow that doesn't have pokey things popping out of it, you have to spend a fortune (and even still there is no guarantee). What I've found is that I quite like the "down alternative" pillows, and like Michael I have 2. One for stomach sleepers and one for back sleepers. The ones I like best of all those I've purchased in the last 18-24 months, have a foam core and then a down alternative fill around the core. Not too mushy, not the red sea, not too full, just right - like Baby Bear's bed. The funny part is I got one of them at Kmart, and the other at Wal-Mart.
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