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Default great idea to save for room for snacks

I too have gained and lost 100's of lbs over the years- this time my goal is to get healthy and make life changing choices- not just sticking to a diet. I need to find a way to incorporate regular food and snacks as part of a healthy lifestyle for the long term. I am aiming at losing over 100 lbs stil, have lost 35 so far, but I save room in my day for small treats. Have a yougurt for lunch if we go out for dinner or such. If I don't feel deprived or feel that I can't have a certain food it easier to make better choices. Also knowing I will have to log everything makes me think before I put something in my mouth. - How is this going to effect not only my calories but my total nutrition for the day? The goal is to do this the rest of my life and it seems this site has helped me get power over my food instead of the food having power over me. It also get easier as you get away from high sugar snacks and salty foods- you do crave them less. Hope this helps- just know you have the power within you.
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