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Default Mmmm...Jalapeno Life Boats!

Originally Posted by kcolville View Post
After dinner while unwidning around 7-8pm i am allowed a "snack" which is usually a treat food like a skinny cow ice cream, or fruit smoothie... around 100-200 cals.

After i eat that- i GO TO BED...what better way to be healthy and avoid the cupboard!?!!
One of my favorite low cal/high satisfaction snacks is what I call .....
Jalapeno Life Boats...Total cal count is less than 100 calories.
These are great! Hot! Cheesy! and you can spice them as you like....

Take 4 fresh jalapenos (4-5 inches long)
Learn About Jalapeno Peppers - Chile peppers, hot peppers, jalapeno heat, scoville units
Wash them and cut off the stem end
Now split them lengthwise and scoop out the seeds (discard the seeds)
You now have 8 Jalapeno " life boats"

Unwrap 1 Frigo String cheese serving (4 inches long)
Frigo 100% Natural String Cheese, 100% Natural - Deli - reviews, ingredients and nutrition from
Cut the "string" into two 2 inch lengths
Now cut each of those pieces lengthwise in half,
and those halves lengthwise in half again
You now have 8 cheese "sailors" for each one of the Jalapeno boats

Place the jalapeno boats on a microwaveable plate
Cover and microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on desired firmness

I sprinkle garlic salt into each of the boats (use any spice you like)
I then place each of the 8 pieces of cheese into each of the 8 boats

I then micro the cheese filled boats for a minute at a time,
rotating the dish and monitoring the status of the cheese melt.

Mmmmmmmm delicious!---Less than 100 calories-
7 g of protein, 6 g of fat & 40% of RDA for vitamin C

Experiment and enjoy this delicious hot Titanic taste treat!
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