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Originally Posted by eckelsburrows View Post
Hi, my name is Brenda. I started a little over 18 months ago to lose weight. I am disabled with a bunch of things, fibro, MS, osteoarthritis, etc. At first I was using a nutritionist and I did very well, then last summer a change to my medications killed most of my appetite. I battle nausea everyday due to my medications too, but at least I used to get hungry and nauseous. Now it is hard to even look at food sometimes, yet other times I end up binging on stupid things like cheezy poofs.
I have fibro and osteoarthritis. I can't even imagine having MS with that. My heart goes out to you. To you and jewelry maker for the challenges you face.

If I may ask: what meds are you on and for what? Can you be given anything for the nausea?
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