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Default Bumped my elbow on the way down...

Arghhhhhhhh........ I fell off the wagon this weekend! I was doing so well and then hopped on the scale Sunday morning only to find the weight that I thought I lost last week still showing up on the scale. I know it was probably water as I had been eating some pretty salty stuff the night before, but it was still depressing. So, yesterday was a bad eating day. I indulged in overeating at a buffet style restaurant and then came home to watch movies and eat chocolate chip cookies and corn chips and wash it down with a beer. So bad.

On the upside, at least I worked on the treadmill for a half hour. So, today it is back to getting my healthy eating game on. I am helping my son and daughter-in-law move out of their apartment into their first home, so that should burn some calories right?

Ok, have a good week; I am off to make myself a healthy egg white omelet with veggies for breakfast.
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