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Originally Posted by eckelsburrows View Post
I know my issues are really different than most people who are here, but if there is anyone else out there like me, I would love to hear from them! For everyone else, good luck - the Medicare folks should let everyone get the paid version of this program!

Hi, Brenda! Welcome! I'm new here, too. I know what it's like to live on Ensure. During the worse of my chemo, that's about all I could stomach (literally!). And no assistance from anywhere to buy it, had lost job due to cancer, etc. Finally found a food bank to help feed my little boy, but all they had was rancid food, moldy tortillas, and bug-infested rice. Haha. Ick!

I was in a wheelchair, too, for months (cast for broken bones) and was so weak that all I could do alone (as could not afford a "real" wheelchair, only had one someone had to push) was scoot across the floor until I Was exhausted, then scoot some more, pull myself up to the counter in the kitchen. Had to eat on the kitchen floor as I could not get back to the table with any food or drink. Again, no assistance and nobody to help. And no exercise except for scooting around. Couldn't even use the stairs in my home, so slept on the floor or couch for months.

I know what it's like to have that kind of tough time and not be able to eat well or get much nutrition. And Ensure IS expensive. I ended up trying the generic and, like you, cutting back until I was on too few calories a day. (Unfortunately for me, I stil lgained weight due to the drugs I was on and such...that's what I'm trying to lose now!).

Sounds like you're a fighter, so keep fighting! Hang in there and stay in touch. And welcome again!
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