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Probably one of the best ways to moderate how much you eat is to use fitday. I often times will get/make my meal and will input the fitday calculations in before I stuff my face(using my phone). From there I can decide how much to eat and how this meal will affect my day. As far as binging on veggies, keep in mind that you ought to try and keep under 100g of carbs a day (or less for IF/Ketosis), recording your intake with fitday as it happens will help you see the big picture and moderate yourself. The purpose of carbs is not for energy (thats what fat is for), it is for vitamins and nutrients. If you want to really moderate yourself, I recommend eating only broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and arugula: they seem to have the most micronutirents per carb and are damn filling. If you are worried about a fructose intolerance, Wikipedia's entry on fructose includes a chart of common fruits and their fructose levels as a reference.
Starches, which in the western diet is typically potatoes and yams, seem to have contested commentaries. I believe Mark Sisson says yams are okay in moderation. Listening to Robb Wolf (of the Paleo Diet fame) on his podcast (I think 53), he addresses white potatoes as a nightshade (Don't eat Poisonous Things). The skins on most potatoes are also poisonous, so try to go skinless when you consume. Keep in mind that potatoes will mess with your insulin levels. You can eat a little every once and a while with meals, but personally, I don't eat potatoes anymore.
Fruit juices deliver most of the dietary nutrition of the actual fruit, are easier to store, but suffer a setback. Without the actual volume of the fruit itself (fiber), there is hardly anything to stop the glucose from going straight to the blood, leading to insulin imbalance. My suggestion, eat a salad. Juices also have less nutrients than their regular fruit relatives, due to processing, storage. If you need juice, buy organic fruit and a blender and consume at meals!
Finally, dairy. I have the same problem, I love cheeses and milk. The best way to moderate yourself is go for organic, raw milk, and aged (hence lactose-low) cheeses. None of that processed stuff. The good stuff is expensive, so trust me, you'll learn to cut down.
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