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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
A big congrats to you for keeping those 100 pounds off. Something I have heretofore been unable to do. I'm great at losing weight, even better at gaining weight. Not so good at maintaining a weight. What's your secret?

Oh, and welcome to the forums! How much more are you trying to lose?

Please feel free to check into our 100+ pounds to lose thread in the Diet Tips forum--we'd love to have you, even if you don't have that much left to go.

Hi secret? To be honest I got a little obsessive about my scale...a day didn't go by I didn't get on it twice a day and if it fluctuated more than 3 lbs I was back to watching what I ate for the next week.

Actually I still need to lose another 120lbs...that is my new goal for the next I'll poke around and find the 100+ to lose thread.
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